Thriving, autonomous children for life

with Montessori Little Birds - ONEX (GENEVA)

Welcome to Little Birds,
for children aged 3 to 6

Our school is located in the quiet, idyllic surroundings of Geneva with a large park, playground, forest and river nearby. With this connection to nature, we cultivate a humanistic and holistic approach to education.

In small class groups, we nurture an environment which empowers children with the freedom to develop their independence while respecting individuality and encouraging uniqueness.
Nous veillons à respecter et encourager le caractère unique de l'enfant, en l'aidant à explorer ce qui lui procure de la joie et à développer tout son potentiel.

Encourage Uniqueness

We respect and encourage your child’s uniqueness, guiding them to explore what brings them joy and develop their full potential.

Nous encourageons la curiosité innée de l'enfant en stimulant son enthousiasme pour l'apprentissage et en l'incitant à prendre ses propres initiatives pour développer son indépendance.

Nurture Enthusiasm

We cultivate your child’s own natural desire to learn by nurturing an enthusiasm for gaining knowledge, encouraging self-initiative and independence.

Les enfants disposent d'un environnement préparé, où ils peuvent se déplacer de manière autonome pour utiliser le matériel de leur choix.

Prepared Environment

We provide a prepared environment, where the children can move independently to engage with material of their choice.

About Us

With Montessori at the heart of our school, we are passionate about fostering children's natural curiosity, independence and joy of learning - giving them a solid foundation to build upon as they take flight into the world.

Founded in 2014, Little Birds has been providing a comprehensive and enriching bilingual Montessori education for children. Our primary goal is to cultivate a love for learning and create an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and fosters growth.
Notre école se situe dans les environs calmes et idylliques du canton de Genève, à proximité d'un grand parc, d'une aire de jeux, d'une forêt et d'une rivière. Ce lien avec la nature nous permet de cultiver une approche humaniste et holistique de l'éducation.
L'éducation Montessori favorise la confiance en soi et le goût de l'apprentissage tout au long de la vie grâce à un environnement pratique, autonome et collaboratif. Les enfants sont encouragés à suivre leurs propres intérêts tout en s'appuyant sur leur passion.

What is Montessori?

A Montessori education sparks self-confidence and a lifelong love of learning through a hands-on, self paced, collaborative environment. Nurturing children to follow their own interests while supporting their passion.

With this strong foundation of early education, your child will continue to grow an enthusiasm for learning, while developing their leadership skills, self-confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and initiative.

We have greatly appreciated the respect shown to her and how her needs were met at different stages of her development, as well as the approach and values imparted to her regarding respect for life and for nature
Father of Mae, aged 5
My son has acquired knowledge without the competitive spirit you can observe in a classic academic school.
Mother of Victor aged 4
I am very happy that my two daughters had the opportunity to attend Montessori Preschool Little Birds for more than a year before our family moved back to Portugal for good. I thank Kimiyo and Alexandra very much for the positive impact they had on their education and development during such an important period of their lives.
Mother of Maria Luisa and Clara aged 4 and 5
We have noticed a welcomed increase in her self-confidence and autonomy. She is more assertive and independent but has also increased her self-discipline.
Father of Maya aged 3
The educators have shown great care in accompanying the learning process and we were happy with the communication and the follow-up.
Father of Diana aged 5
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