Our Story

Our founder Kimiyo, first discovered the Montessori method when experiencing first hand the challenges of selecting an early education for her daughter. Like many parents, Kimiyo wanted her daughter to learn with joy, to develop an independent mind and to have a holistic, alternative education. 

Kimiyo enrolled her daughter in a Montessori school where her daughter thrived and her self-confidence expanded with each passing year. In later years, her daughter reminisced about how this was the happiest period of her schooling. This reflection encouraged Kimiyo to train as a Montessori teacher and learn the marvels of this educational method. After a decade as a Montessori teacher and seeing childrens’ confidence bloom, Kimiyo was ready to open Little Birds!

Kimiyo and her team of AMI certified Montessori teachers are always delighted to meet with parents and to explain the Montessori Method and Philosophy. Our shared mission is to accompany every child in their exploration of the carefully prepared classroom environment.

What We Believe

Montessori Little Birds school’s guiding mission is to ensure your children thrive.

Deeply committed to Maria Montessori’s philosophy and thoroughly trained in her methods, we founded this school with one goal: to passionately guide your children in exploring the world. We pledge to be present at every step to nurture and cultivate each child’s intelligence, adapting to their individual needs.

The Montessori method embodies more than just an educational approach. It’s a life philosophy that prepares your children for a strong and fulfilling future. Guided by their natural enthusiasm for learning, we will fuel this inner flame, leading them towards meaningful and adept engagement in this ever-evolving world.

Our Core Values

Little Birds’ core values are grounded in the Montessori philosophy:

Such words may be abstract for children, but for us they are guiding principles which we apply to all our actions and relationships within the school 

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Peace education

What We Offer

Our fully qualified Montessori teachers are passionate about providing a stimulating and fun learning environment for every child at Little Birds. Each teacher's individual skills, talents and ideas bring uniqueness to our school, offering individualized learned and bespoke teaching that inspire each child to reach their full potential.

Surrounding Area

We are located in the quiet, idyllic surroundings of Geneva. Our holistic approach to early education is nurtured through our connection to the natural world

Both teachers are attentive and caring educators. With their perfect mastery and rigorous application of the Montessori pedagogy, have encouraged Laélia to develop her autonomy and self-confidence while providing her with a solid foundation in areas as diverse as writing and reading, art (music and visual arts), mathematics, languages (bilingual environment) and botany.

The organization of the classroom and the care given to the outdoor spaces allowed her to evolve in an environment conducive to learning. Finally, she benefited from the mix of ages: first by imitating the older children, then by transmitting her knowledge to the younger ones. We can only recommend Little Birds.

Mother of Laélia aged 5